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Here are a few tips to help your planning process become less Stressful!


First, Let me say congradulations on your engagement and Yay! To planning your wedding. Most people dream of their wedding their entire life! I know you probably feel as though you have so much to do and not enough time. Breath! You have this. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT YOUR BIG DAY IS... THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE MARRYING THE PERSON THAT YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND FOREVER WITH. I know that getting everything down, meeting your "deadlines" and making sure that everything is exactly the way you dreamt it to be is important. However, Enjoying your day is all about just that, enjoying it. How are you suppose to enjoy yourself if you are constantly worrying about things that will be perfect, regardless. No matter what remember that your day is going to be great, even if the cake hits the floor, or the bridesmaids dress is wrinkled. Most of the day is going to go so fast that your going to forget the small things you sweated so much about anyways. However, I want to give you a few helpful tips to help make the planning and day as stress free as possible.






















Tip #Uno- You have a maid of honor/best man-


Ask them to help by getting the other bridesmaids/groomsmen to help take some of the pressure off of you. Of course, I know you do not want them picking out your cake, but however they can do things like go to different bakeries and pick up brochures, or collect numbers of local DJ's. Even though in the end it will all be of your choice, but they can help burn pavement with you.


Tip #2- Space out your Dates:


Try not to fit too much into one day. What happens if you plan a million things and then one thing runs over? They are begin to run over and then a day that was suppose to be fun and exciting turned into a dreary and bad day. Space out appointments, tastings, dress serching, venue scouting, and all those things inbetween so that you still have time for the important things. Like sipping a glass of wine on your girls day while you dress shop, or tp dig your feet in the sand at that lake front venue. It is important to try not to overcrowd your days.


Tip #3- DRAMA-


It is common for a small arguement to break out between the girls or guys during this big planning time. Don't sweat it. Let them work it out and try not to get involved. I have heard of so much people getting cut from the wedding party because of something that in the end was very small.


Remember not to ride your wedding party too, it is important for them to know that by them helping, it is helping you. Even if they grab the wrong size glasses for the toast. Things can be exchanged, and they tried thier best.


Tip #4- Presssure


You should never EVER feel pressured to make a dicision right then and there for anything. if you want to think on something, do so. Don't settle if it isn't what you had in mind. I don't mean budget wise here, I mean venue, DJ, Dress, photographer etc. The more pressured you feel when making a dicuission the more likely you will regreat it in the end. I am talking about photographers too. My goal is to never make a couple feel like they must book me that day. I tell all propecting couples that I do not hold dates without a contract but I can let them know if someone inquires about their date. I even hand over contracts, brochers and leave an open line of communication in case the couple plans to search around. Beleive me I wish it was more simple, but it isn't. If you feel presured ask them if you can think about it, shop around etc. and that you will get back with them. If they are araid you will loss your date, ask if they can contact you if someone else ask about it. They can. In the end you will feel like you were able to make your decisions for you big day, and in turn will feel LESS STRESSED.




That is right, take five minutes to your self. You need it!


Tip #6- Make a List


Okay. Okay. I know this is well already known. I don't mean a big FULL list, I mean make small list. Like TODAY'S TO DO LIST. Write three things that you need to get done and leave it at the minimal. It may look like this:


  • Oct. 5th, 2015


  • 1. Call Photographers

  • 2. Set up a meeting with Bakery

  • 3. Call back Aunt Sue


However you need to do it, to where less stress is placed on you with each day. You could even do a weekly TO DO list and try to accomplish what is on your list. ALSO, IF YOU DON'T COMPLETE EVERYTHING ON YOUR LIST THAT DAY, DO NOT SWEAT IT. YOU CAN ADD IT TO TOMORROWS.


Tip #7- Stick to budget


It is very important to stick to your budget so that you don't stress your self out. It is easy to fall in love with the things that are outside of your budget, but remember that trying to make up bills later on will be more stressful. Make a list of your budget and make sure to include how much you plan to spend on the details for your wedding. Be mindful of what is important and what is not. It is very imporant to remember that Cheap stuff is never good, and good stuff is never cheap. However, this does not mean that you should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on flowers, it only means to remember what is most important for your big day and plan to spend a little extra on those things.



It is always important to remeber that no matter how stressed you feel that there is someone out there to help you with planning. It may be your mom, your soon to be spouse, or a friend, but take the help and you will feel a lot better!  As a photographer I know all about trying to plan for weddings, how imporatant each couples big day is, and I have also seen these couples stress so much they don't enjoy the planning process. IT is your dream wedding. Enoy planning it!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read these tips, and I hope that they help make your planning process much more stress free!




                                                    - Christine Turner

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