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Thank you so much for checking out Christine Turner Photography!

I'd love for you all to get to know a little about me!


I am the mother to FOUR wonderfully beautiful, spunky, sweet, loving kiddos and the wife of a handsome and hardworking husband. 

I was Born and Raised in Mississippi.


I'm a free spirit, and my friends would probably call me the "wanderer" of the pack.  I usually smell like incense or coffee, and love taking trips and hiking. You will often find me curled up with a book in my hand. I love drifting off into other worlds and times that are in the pages of the books that I hoard. Coffee is like water to me and I drink about a pot a day. COFFEE IS LIFE! 

My favorite family activity is:  Family game night! We literally own five different types of monopoly.

My favorite show: SVU, Criminal Minds and Bob's Burger

My favorite song: I love music in general. I will jump from Rolling Stones to Halestorm to Halsey to Five Finger Death Punch in moments.

My favorite food: Hmmm. Sushi or steak

My favorite snack: Zucchini Chips

Favorite Place that I have traveled: There are so many, Rome, Cancun, Rocky Mountains, Universal Studios, etc. They all hold a special place in my heart! 

I found a love for photography at a young age, as it was always a passion of my dads. I wanted to photograph everything. You could always find me with a disposable camera or the 35mm point and shoot in my hands . I had boxes, books and walls filled with the moments of my life. I wanted to seize every moment and hold on tight. The good, the bad, the silly, the hard times, the fun times, the sad times. It is so much fun to look back on the ones I still have, and all of the new ones I have now. Of course, Now I share my passion with families like yours. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. I love to leave you all with a little piece of art from me. The little moments, the loving moments, the inconsolable laughing so hard you cant breath moments.The moments you never want to forget. I want to be there for it all! 


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