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Let Me Capture your


Love Story

Click on the Images Below these different Love Stories!

Strickland Wedding
Gosnell Wedding
Cairey Beth Bridals
Ward Wedding
Prude Wedding
Pitts Wedding
J & K N Wedding
Miller Wedding
Merranda and Taylor
Melaine and Jordan
Landrum Wedding
Hancock Wedding
Bass Wedding
Anglin Wedding
Lundon Bridals
Brown Wedding
Bailes Wedding
Smith Wedding
Nikki Bridals
Magee Wedding
Ward Wedding
Maddox Wedding
Goin's Wedding
Lidnsey Wedding
Price Wedding {June 28th 2014}

You have been Engaged, Maybe you are already Married but you are wanting to get your vows renewed, or Maybe when you were first married your weren't able to afford the Wedding of your Dreams! Alas, now you have planned the Decorations, Ordered the Cake, Bought The Dress, Picked your Bridesmaids, and everything is planned. Now you need to have a way to Capture all that hard work, capture you and the love of your life uniting, reuniting, celebrating your LOVE STORY. What better way to have it captured then through Photographs? Photographs last forever. Have you gone into your grandmothers home, and seen the wall so full of Art, Centeries of stories told, the glimming smiles of small children that now have grandchildren of their own. Seeing your Grandparent's wedding day as if you were there yourself? Why not have that for yourself, and your children, their children, and many more decendants to come. Let me Capture your Love Story, So that you may have a lifetime to enjoy all the hard work you put in to your big, to have all of the Joy, Laughter, and Love Captured to remembered and viewed for the many years to come.


I strive to capture your Big Day, as if it were pages in a book. This includes the Decor, Detail Shots, The Ceremony, Groups, Jurnolist style shots, and The Reception. After this day is over you will have your dress, your spouse and your Pictures to remind you of all the great things that happened on your big day!


Wedding Packages Range from $750 to $1750, with the most popular Package being $1250.


Lets get together, through Email, Phone or Person and discuss the details of your Big Day!

My Emial is, Phone- 601.319.7100 or you can hit the Contact Tab above to get me! I look forward to capturing your Love Story!


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