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What to Wear: Engagement Session


In this section we are going to discuss what to wear for your Engagement Session.























#1- Comfort


It is always important to be comforatable during any Portrait Session. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing it will show in your images. If you are comforatable the end result is amazing!


#2- Sunday Best


This is what I tell most clients when they ask what they should wear during any session. It is something that you would not feel bad wearing to church or to a family get-together. This does not mean a dress, it just means wear something you would wear to an event.


#3- Don't be Matchy Match-


If you want to match during your session that is great! However, being too matchy matchy will take away from your images. Try wearing clothing that matches but isn't exact. You can try this wonderful site to find colors that will match well together :


#4- Be aware of you surrounding-


Use the area to your benifit when choosing your outfit choices. Example: If we are doing your session in a park with a lot of trees and greenery, than a green dress would not be the best choice. The green dress will blend with the background. Instead, use a color that will POP against the green. The end result will be amazing!

















#5 Temputure


Consider the time of year and tempture during your session. If it is the middle of May longsleeves would not be a wise choice, as you will end up sweating and miserable. I know that sometime us ladies like to wear clothing that will hide our problem areas. If you think your arms are your problem area instead of wearing a long sleeve try wearing a quarter length shirt or dress, or even a shirt with batwing arms. You will be more comfortable and your portraits will show that and look amazing!


#6 Solids-


Solids look amazing when doing portraits. However, stearing clear of the normal White or Black tee shirt look will make you feel a lot better. This colors look great, but whites have a habit of getting a "purple hue" when in the sun, and black attracts dust, hair and other particles in the air.


















#7 Electronics, Keys, ETC.-


I know that it is awful to have to pull your cell, keys and wallets in and out of your pockets. I ask that during your session please leave your cell and other bulking things in your car, or carry something to put them in. I will have a bag with me and will be more than happy to carry your keys or anything you are unable to leave behind.


#8 Smile


It is always important to be prepare to smile during your session! Of course, there will be some kisses, hugs, grins, and laughs during the session as well.


#9 Accessories-


I love accessories. A large chuky necklace will accent any piece of clothing! Just make sure that you are comfortable wearing it during our Session!


#10- The Maxi


I love Maxi dresses, and I know you ladies do too. I always recommend these dresses for ladies during sessions. It is form fitting while giving you plenty of room to move. Plus they come in an array of colors so I know you will be able to find one that will match the color palette that you have choosen for your session!























As always, I look forward to spending this important time with you! My goal is to help you to stay comfortable duing this session so that you will be just as happy with the end results as during the session. I can't wait to capture your love story, and I hope these few tips will help!  

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