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What are Portrait Sessions?

Portrait Sessions are Lifestyle Sessions, they refer to sessions that include Individuals, Families, Children, Maternity, pretty much anything that isn't an event. These sessions are perfect for capturing wonderful moments in your life, or for updating those Pictures in the Frames throughtout your house, or for adding new ones to your walls.


Portrait Sessions can be used as great Gifts as well!


Portrait Sessions begin at $135.

This cost is for the Photographer's time and Talent on the date of your session, the pre-planning and commincation leading up to your session, travel to and from your session, the editing and sorting of your images after your session, and uploading sneaks and posting your selection album on the website.


I offer three basic portrait session packages, each package offers an allotted amount of time and images.


A list of the different Print Collections can be sent to you upon request.


A travel fee may be added to the total session cost, if session location is further than 50 miles.



What to Expect

During your session, I will get individual shots of each family member, group shots, and creative shots we come up with along the way. Have a particular shot in mind? We can plan that too. I have an array of props to be used at your portrait session, however I do encourage clients to bring their own as well.


I love to incorperate your style, ideas and personailities into the session. I find it easier to get the perfect shot when people are able to be themselves, and therefore I am always my bubbly self. I love that Children love to play! When first arriving to your session I will tell you " I generally like to let the kids get used to me for a minute or two", I let them play around, swing off my arms, and even show them how I use my camera. This opens them up, sometimes some children wont open up to me a quickly as others, and this is fine. Generally puting on their favorite song from their favorite movie, or me leaving them alone for a few minutes does the trick. During this time I will begin getting shots of Mom and Dad, or of Brothers and Sisters.


After all of the formal shots are taken, I will generally take some candid shots of the kids playing, or of the family interacting with me at a short distance. These tend to always make great shots! Portrait Sessions last between an half hour and two hours depending on the session package of your choice. In this amount of time a lot can be done, and sometimes everything is finished before the end of the allotted time, and this is fine too. I like to give a little extra time in case you bring mulitple outfits or want to change locations.


The Turn around Time

A lot of times I get asked. What is your turn around time? Sometimes people get the misconception that a photographer clicks a button, and out pops a wonderful full edited and ready to print image. Sadly, this is not the case. It takes sometime to make sure that each image I offer you is the Best of the Best. I want you to be as satisfied with putting your images on the wall as I am with showing them too you. So although the process takes a little time, it is comepletely worth it! I post sneaks from your session one to three days after your session. Your gallery will be ready for you to choose and download the images from your session fourteen business days following your session date. Packages will give an allotted amount of images, however, additional images are available for purchase.



If you have any quesions, please contact me at anytime and I will be more than happy to help you in anyway that I can.

You can reach me by email-

Phone or Text-


Or in the Contact Me tab above.





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