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I am Christine.


A mother, a wife, a Photographer. I have a creative mind, a tender heart, a loving hand, and I try to always see the beauty even in the hardest of times.

Photography to me is like a way of giving back to the world, creating a change that I want to see, a way of preserving the most important of times. It allows me to give people something they can treasure for a lifetime. Life is the most important of adventures. I feel it is important to have it documented.

When I am not working, you will often find me out on an adventure (Traveling, Hiking or Snorkeling) and/or with my nose stuck in a book. 


My Likes:


Reading (Good books and Coffee are my jam!)

Spending time with my family (People say blanket forts are just for kids)



Traveling (Rome and Portugal were AHMAZING!)



My Dislikes:

World Hunger


Cold Weather

My inability to change the past



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