What to Wear: Maternity Session


In this section I wanted to include a few tips on what to wear for your maternity session. I have reserched and found mulitple pages that have given credit to this tips. So I wanted to share them with you! As always the more comforatble you are the better!



1. The Maxi Dress:

     This Dress is perfect for tall and shorter ladies. You can find one that is floor length or shin high and either way it looks wonderful on pregnant women. It shows off the belly while hiding any "problems areas" that you may be feeling while pregnant. I love this dress and that is why I put it top on the list!


2. Solids

        The truth is that Solids photograph best. This dose not mean that you can not wear strips, chevron or other patterns. Just keep in mind when planning your session wardrob to match the pattern with a solid.


3. Look at the colors that you have used in your home.

       Think about what would compliment the color palette you have choosen for your home. Colors like Deep Tuquoise and Burgandy pair well with Neutral Colors. If you have more of bold colors with accent walls that pop you may want to use the colors that will match your colors.


4. Choose your color palette.

      1. Choose colors that you like.

      2. Ask yourself.

             Do you want to use the photos for any particular reason?

             Are you alright with wearing orange becasue it's fall and then have that canvas on your wall year round?


      You can search on Pinterest for color paleet boards or just photos that contain  a color scheme that you like.

       Design Seeds is another resoureful place to search color palettes based on choosing a color you want to use as your base and work other colors around.


5.Don't get to "Matchy- Matchy".

      If your "Signficant other" is going to be awesome enough to take some beautiful photographs with you think about wearing complimentary color or colors in the same color palette.






















6. Avoid the jeans and Black/White shirt look.

     While a white shirt is a classic you can sometimes end up seeing more than you intendened in your photos. White can also wash you out and make you look pale.


7. Choose a timeless look.

     You've invested quite a bit of money for your maternity photos that will become a treasured family heriloom (imagine your son/daughter looking at these photographs when they are adults- the worth of these images is invaluable). You may want to choose clothes that have a somewhat classic and timeless look.


8.Choose Clothing with Texture.

     It is great to choose clothing with different textures to add interest to the photograph. Pair cotton with jeans, throw in some tweed or have your husband wear chords. Be Creative.


9. Accessorites are AWESOME.. so are layers.

    Start with a base layer - solid colored dress, a solid colored top and jeans and then add layers of texture and accessories. Add a short jacket, add a floral scarf, add a chunky necklace, add bracelets or a headband. Don't forget to pay attention to or feet. A cute of pair shoes can make the outfit.


10. Lay it out.

      There are tons of great tools out there online including thousands of Pinterest boards dedicated to ideas on what to wear for portraits. Once you've pulled some options out of your closet just keep it simple and to the side.


Here are some links that might be helpful: